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21 Wonderful Short Stories ! EDWARD WAHL  
OBITUARY :   This sweet, sweet man, Ed WAHL, died on Wed. AUGUST 2, 2006 at age 84.  He was born in 1922 in Newark, NJ, the son of a Physician and a teacher.  The last story in this book sketches the loving travel adventures of him and his 2nd wife, Florence.  

He said, "My life has been a wondrous journey and a glorious one, my career has been easy and the results often joyous.  I've had the whole, incredible 84 years.  No complaint is possible and there's been not a single regret."  

He published more than seventy-five stories.  Ed loved music and his life of adventure.  He inspired many as he saw and encouraged their talents.  Folks said that he was "a strong man and a gentle man."   

He had a twinkle in his eye, a great heart, a sense of humor; I considered him a friend.  My wife, Lois Elizabeth, and I felt honored, yes honored, to know him.  (Tom J. Collins)

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Modern Haiku  -
Moments of Awareness
connections in 36 Verses  Echoes of 13th Century Japan

    Peaceful - Piedmont, California - Rose Gardens                    OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA                                                                                 
               California Rose Gardens !         Downtown Oakland, CA
A little place in the West close to the heart of "young at heart" poet Florence Miller

          Read of Washington, Paine, Franklin, LaFayette . . .  and the making
         of the beginning of a free, and hopefully, responsible democratic-republic . . .
WASHINGTON, PAINE, FRANKLIN ... a democratic republic ...    A New Jersey, a Morris County Author

THE FORGING OF A REVOLUTIONARY LEADER                            
                    Just Published !

, PhD  -                              

The Lost Civil War Dairies of Lt. Edmund Halsey


Mythmaking in American Film

JOHN T. CUNNINGHAM  Florham Park - 
                         John T. Cunningham - Historian - Writer   
Many Great Books
John Cunningham Receives 2003 Marcellus Hartley Dodge Memorial Award

John Cunningham of Florham Park is being honored on November 14, 2003 by the Great Swamp Watershed Association. He will receive the Marcellus Hartley Dodge Memorial Award for his life-long commitment to preserving and sharing the riches of New Jersey. 

Cunningham has already published 46 books about New Jersey's history and continues to update them, with the third edition of his history of Drew University just published and his newest book, the story of Ellis Island due out this fall. He has already begun work on his next project, a book about Morristown and the impact of the terrible winter of 1779-80 on the Continental Army.

Mr. Cunningham is a self-declared "swamper" and played a key role in the fight to save the Great Swamp. He was the Master of Ceremonies at the Far Hills Inn at one of the legendary meetings nearly 40 years ago. The room was packed with local residents and dignitaries, Secretary of the Interior Stewart L. Udall was there, and according to Helen Fenske, "John Cunningham handled the meeting with incredible grace." Cunningham loves to go to the Great Swamp for the sense of peace he gets just from being there, but also says "I feel that the fight to save the Great Swamp has galvanized this region in a very special way and for me that only adds to its appeal." 

Cunningham has also written 18 documentary films including his Emmy winning "Dreams of Distant Shores" about Ellis Island. His New Jersey books have explored baseball, railroads, colleges and universities, farming, and the Jersey Shore. He was a founder and second chair of the New Jersey Historical Commission and served for six years as president of the New Jersey Historical Society, the state's oldest and most prestigious historical group. At 87 years old, he has no interest in slowing down and continues to be active in conservation and preservation, making the history of New Jersey come alive.

The award will be presented at the Watershed Association's Annual Meeting and Silent Auction on November 14, 2003 at Mead Hall, Drew University. Tickets are available from the Watershed Association 973-966-1900 x 15.

The Great Swamp Watershed Association was founded in 1981 to protect the environmental, cultural, and historical resources of the Great Swamp watershed region. For information on becoming a member, and to learn about upcoming events, visit the Watershed Association website at or call 973-966-1900.


Ellis Island, 


Chatham Twp, 

Madison ...

Cunningham, J.T. (2001). This is New Jersey. New Brunswick, NJ:Rutgers University Press. 974.9 Cun

Cunningham, J.T. (1988). Newark. Newark, NJ: The New Jersey Historical Society. 974.9 Cun

Cunningham, J.T. (1977). The New Jersey
Ethnic Experience. Union City, NJ: Wm. H. Wise & Company.                                                                                                974.9 Cun

Cunningham, J.T. (1976). New Jersey: America's main road. NY: Doubleday & Company. 974.9 Cun

Cunningham, J.T. (1964). The New Jersey sampler: Historic tales of old New Jersey. Upper Montclair,NJ: The New Jersey Almanac, Inc. 974.9 Cun

Cunningham, J.T. (1958). The New Jersey Shore. NJ: Rutgers University Press. 974.9 Cun

Cunningham, J.T. (1954). Made in New Jersey: The industrial story of a State. NJ: Rutgers University Press. 974.9 Cun

Cunningham, J.T. (1953). This is New Jersey: From High Point to Cape May. New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press. 974.9 Cun

Ringer BUCK  (lived at James Street at Harder Road at the Harry Collins House)

Shane Comes Home          If We Had Wings     Flight of Passage      

First Job: A Memory of Growing Up At Work

   has been nicknamed "a little detective . . ."  She has a doctorate degree from Columbia University.
   Her many books (more than 50) have been researched in the USA and Rome, ITALY   
   Cornwall Books - New York City and England 

 A member of Religious Teachers Fillipine at VILLA WALSH on Western Avenue in the Morristown area. 
in defense of Pope Pius XII during World War II"



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Mother of the Bride  MOTHER OF THE BRIDE
Biography & Memoirs (hardcover) Algonquin Press
What We Do For Love !  WHAT WE DO FOR LOVE
Biography & Memoirs (hardcover) Algonquin Press
Love, Loss and What I Wore !  LOVE, LOSS, AND WHAT I WORE
Gift Books (hardcover) Algonquin Press

      by Professor Michael Hawley M.I.T. - photos of BUHTAN
(I met the author's mother at the Morris County Library)

B I G !    R E A L L Y    B I G  ! ! !Bhutan: A Visual Odyssey Across the Himalayan Kingdom:

"I love books. To me, opening a book is like opening a window to another world. But this book is is an utterly unique creation. At over 130 pounds and 5x7 feet, Guinness World Records acknowledges Friendly Planet's Bhutan as the world's largest published book. But it's less like a book and more like an entire gallery show of enormous prints, packaged in an immense yet browseable volume. The subject is the remarkable kingdom of Bhutan — the grandeur of its gorgeous scenery, the wonderfully warmhearted people there, and the serenity and special-ness that make Bhutan so unique."

For schools, libraries, museums, private collectors, and lovers of great books, this may be the ultimate inspiration. Teams from MIT shot more than 40,000 photographs on expeditions to Bhutan, expeditions that pushed beyond technological frontiers, and the book is being published by Friendly Planet, a nonprofit charity, in order to raise funds for the schools and scholars there. The suggested gift — $10,000 — is less than $100 per page for museum-quality prints: this book is only offered to donors who make a tax-deductible gift to support education in the world's special places. (For lesser donations, there are fine art prints and a smaller but no less beautiful book). This will be an extremely limited edition, and each book is produced on demand expressly for the donor.

What follows is a summary of Friendly Planet's BHUTAN: information about this incredible book, about the team that created it, press releases and news articles, and an up to date summary of the project for patrons, sponsors and supporters of Friendly Planet.

We couldn't be more proud to share a piece of paradise with you. Welcome to Bhutan.

Tashi Delek!

Michael Hawley, on behalf of all the friends and colleagues who've made this possible.

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Growing up in Ireland, Priesthood, PHD, Marriage & Family Therapist, World Peace


Take the Bait by S.W. Hubbard    
Take the Bait
  by Susan W. Hubbard
Published by
 Pocket Books  ISBN#0-7434-6653-5 

the Hook

by S.W. Hubbard
Published by
Pocket Books

ISBN# 0743467582

Swallow the Hook


Mystery fans will find themselves breathless with suspense as they follow Bennett's pursuit of the truth in S.W. Hubbard's fast-paced, engaging debut, Take the Bait.

--Susan McBride, author of AND THEN SHE WAS GONE and OVERKILL

from Local Authors => THE BOOKSHOP  MORRISTOWN, NJ

 Romance at Morristown and Jockey Hollow ! 

"Jockey Hollow - a novel of the American Revolution" - 
    Boyd Wright  

Geared toward young adult and "romantic-at-heart" readers, this historical novel is set against the background of the birth of this nation.  Excitement build on every page from this talented local author.

                                                        Thomas Fleming of Jersey City !                               


 Jersey City's now famous TOM FLEMING -
  many many NON-FICTION and FICTION BOOKS !!!

http://WWW.BOOKTV.ORG in depth interview on On Sunday, January 4 at 12:00 pm and at 5:00 pm and Monday, January 5 at 12:00 am

Thomas Fleming joins Book TV for "In Depth," it was a live three-hour program exploring his life and work. 
Mr. Fleming is the author of more than fifty books, including nonfiction, fiction, and books for young readers. 

His nonfiction books are: 
 "Now We Are Enemies: The Battle of Bunker Hill" (1960),
 "Beat the Last Drum: The Siege of Yorktown" (1963),
 "One Small Candle: The Pilgrims' First Year in America" (1964),
 "The Man from Monticello: An Intimate Life of Thomas Jefferson" (1969),
 "West Point: The Men and Times of the United States Military Academy" (1969),
 "The Man Who Dared the Lightning: A New Look at Benjamin Franklin" (1971),
 "The Forgotten Victory: The Battle for New Jersey" (1974),
 "1776: Year of Illusions" (1975),
 "New Jersey: A History" (1977),
 "The First Stroke: Lexington and Concord and the Beginning of the American Revolution" (1978),
 "Downright Fighting: The Story of Cowpens" (1988),
 "Liberty! The American Revolution" (1997),
 "Duel: Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr and the Future of America" (1999),
 "Lights along the Way: Great Stories of American Faith" (1999),
 "The New Dealers' War: F.D.R. and the War within World War II" (2001),
 "The Illusion of Victory: The American Experience in World War I" (2003),
 "The Louisiana Purchase" (2003).

 His books for young readers are: 
"First in Their Hearts: A Biography of George Washington" (1968),
 "The Battle of Yorktown" (1968),
 "The Golden Door: The Story of American Immigration" (1970),
 "Give Me Liberty: Black Valor in the American Revolutionary War" (1971),
 "Thomas Jefferson" (1971),
 "Benjamin Franklin" (1973),
 "Band of Brothers: West Point in the Civil War" (1988),
 "Behind the Headlines: The Story of American Newspapers" (1989),
 "Harry S Truman, President" (1990). 

His novels are: 

 "All Good Men" (1961),
 "The God of Love" (1963),
 "King of the Hill" (1966),
 "A Cry of Whiteness" (1967),
 "Romans Countrymen Lovers" (1969),
 "The Sandbox Tree" (1970),
 "The Good Shepherd" (1974),
 "Liberty Tavern" (1976),
 "Rulers of the City" (1977),
 "Promises to Keep" (1978),
 "A Passionate Girl" (1979),
 "The Officers' Wives" (1981),
 "Dreams of Glory" (1983),
 "The Spoils of War" (1985),
 "Time and Tide" (1987),
 Over There" (1992),
 "Loyalties: A Novel of World War II" (1994),
 "Remember the Morning" (1997),
 "The Wages of Fame" (1998),
 "Hours of Gladness" (1999),
 "When This Cruel War Is Over" (2001),
 "Conquerors of the Sky" (2003).

He has edited these books:
 "Affectionately Yours, George Washington: A Self-Portrait in Letters of Friendship" (1967),
 "Benjamin Franklin: A Life in His Own Worlds" (1972),
 "The Living Land of Lincoln" (1980),
 "The Secrets of Inchon: The Untold Story of the Most Daring Covert Mission of the Korean War" 
                                                                                           (2002, by Eugene Franklin Clark).

       BARNS & NOBLE
Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Murder by Karen Swee of Highland Park, NJ
(Published January 2004)
       Set in the times of the Revolutionary War, 1777, in the New Brunswick, NJ region.


Morristown's  JAMES GULISANO   self published via

1.   The Course of Human Events   The Course of Human Events:
                                an historical novel
                                by James Gulisano
Our Price: approx. $14.95  Format: Paperback
2.   Second Shooter   Second Shooter One Man Two Lives.
        Who pulled the trigger? A tale of two lives!

         by James F Gulisano
Our Price: approx.  Paperback  $10.95  |  
Hard Cover $20.95 
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Here's a mind boggler for you... 

Aoccdrnig to rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, 
it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, 
the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer 
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you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae 
the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but 
the wrod as a wlohe. Amzanig, huh? 

Thanks to Larry McGreevy for calling this to our attention!

THE NAVAL WAR OF 1812  by  THEODORE ROOSEVELT  and many other books by him!


A Military Headquarters of the American Revolution

Making of America Series
  by John W. Rae ( Paperback - December 2002 )

 Picatinny Arsenal, NJ                              East Hampton by John W. Rae, East Hampton Library   
  (Contributor)  by John W. Rae (Paperback)                                                                      (Paperback - April 2001)

John W. Rae, a noted and prolific author of Morris County history, died Tuesday, 
 Nov. 25, 2003,
at Morristown Memorial Hospital. He was 81. The cause of death was a recent stroke and acute leukemia.

In his last months, he worked diligently to complete a book on the history of Madison, N.J., for Arcadia Publishing.

John W. Rae was born in Hoboken on Oct. 29, 1922.He grew up in Montclair and later moved to Madison where he graduated from Madison High School. He went on to attend Rutgers University where he majored in journalism.  Mr. Rae worked for the Hudson Dispatch and the Newark Evening and Sunday News for 30 years as a reporter, feature writer and bureau manager of their Morristown office.

With the demise of the Newark News in 1971, he entered the public relations field for a short time, before becoming Director of Public Information for the County of Morris in 1973. He retired from that position in 1991.

Developing an interest in historic preservation, which he shared with his son, Chip, together they wrote Morristown's Forgotten Past: The Gilded Age.  The book was first published in 1979 and went through six printings.

Later books authored by Rae include Mansions of Morris County; The Mendhams; Picatinny Arsenal; and a volume on East Hampton, Long Island.

Rae often lectured on Morristown and its fabled mansions in the period of 1890-1929.

A resident of Morris Township for 50 years, he was a member and past president of the Rotary Club of the Mendhams.

The above is from an obituary run in the DAILY RECORD - November 30, 2003.  
(Also, thanks to Elizabeth. Harvin for calling this to my attention).  TJC  



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